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IoT sensors and highly automated processes based on blockchain technology


Nico Ros

CTO & Co-Founder

“Well-established processes often generate inefficiencies that we simply accept. And of course everyone knows change is painful. But at Smart Containers, we see things differently. Change is the only way to improve. We think that every process should not only be optimized but redefined and redesigned. Logistics today is highly centralized. It’s incredibly inefficient. So many wasted kilometers to huge warehouses.”


Richard Ettl

CEO & Co-Founder

“By using blockchain technology, we can decentralize logistics and create autonomous containers – the container 4.0. This container will know who’s renting it, when the contract ends and when to invoice the client.”

Our goals


Eliminate paper and disconnected information like email from the shipment process


Automate billing throughout the supply chain and reduce transaction fees


Provide services for the whole logistics community, including logistics players, airlines, sea freight companies, customs brokers and more


The autonomous Container 4.0



More than 50 man-years of research and development were poured into creating an unprecedented, highly efficient insulation solution. This cutting-edge technology reflects the maximum of radiation while minimizing heat conduction. It is the most patent-protected insulation technology on the market.


The Autonomous Container 4.0

Our vision is to create the Container 4.0 – the ultimate smart container that protects temperature-sensitive goods while managing itself autonomously. We already have one of the highest performance containers on the market thanks to our cutting-edge insulation and cooling technology, but now we want to go one better.


Temperature Barrier

Our ingenious R&D team invented a completely new cooling technology that stores five times more energy than traditional methods, keeping the container at a steady temperature. All containers based on SMART CONTAINERS technology are automatically recharged in a cold storage or refrigerated trucks without any manual input. No mistakes can be made since all parts are integrated and fixed.

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